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How does it work?

With only three easy steps, the SEO of your website will increase and bring you incredible results.

Free SEO Audit

We scan your website for common errors and give your some tips about what you should improve.

Toxic Links Detection

We do an in-depth analysis of your backlinks to find the bad ones.

Spam Removal

We automatically remove these toxic backlinks so they don't hurt your rankings.


What we do ?

Discover in details how each of our services works and how they will help you to improve your rankings.

We will provide an on-page SEO analysis of your website with the main SEO criteria. We will spot in a few seconds where your website is missing something important - SEO-wise, and make some recommendations to help you get better rankings.

We will do an extensive backlink analysis of your website so you can understand in detail which backlinks you have, the profile of these backlinks and their quality. We will check daily. That way, you will understand in just a few clicks, which link brought better rankings, and which ones hurt your SEO.

According to the previous backlink analysis, we will automatically remove the toxic links that are hurting your rankings. To do so, we will contact the websites' owners and ask them to remove these links for you. If, after a few follow-ups, no action is taken, we will automatically disavow these links for you using the Google Disavow tool.

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