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Toxic links are the death of SEO

As time passes, your website gets bloated with links that provide no traffic. It happens: spam comments, blackhat SEO attempts, cheap backlinks, all those lead to toxic links. And you can't ignore them anymore.

Google gets smarter every day. Its algorithm now includes human behavior. Links that seem unnatural get punished.

Toxic links cause a drop in rankings resulting in less organic traffic and even putting you into Google's penalty box.

How does it work?

If your website has toxic links, you need a fast and reliable partner to care for your SEO problem. Meet The SEO Antidote!
Improve your website's health in 3 simple steps:

Free SEO Audit

Start with our free SEO audit to see how The SEO Antidote will help you. The audit scans your website across multiple data points, identifying SEO errors and providing actionable insights. You improve your rankings in only a few minutes and start receiving more organic traffic.

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Toxic links detection

Google is putting more and more emphasis on human behavior when ranking websites. This is why we developed our algorithms to do the same: We first check for human behavior and detect whether or not your backlinks receive any traffic. Then, we confirm the results with other parameters such as DA, TF, DR, etc.

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Spam Removal

We contact the owners of these links for you and politely ask them for removal. If the owners do not respond after a few follow-ups, we create a disavow file and automatically send the file to Google. As a result, your website stays healthy, your rankings improve, and your receive more organic traffic.

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Boost your SEO efforts now

You have put a lot of time and effort into your SEO activities. Only for everything to fall apart because of toxic links?

We don't think so. Starting with The SEO Antidote is too simple to let toxic links destroy your work. Check your backlinks, get a free audit, and improve your SEO today.

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Over 1,300 happy clients, and still counting.

The SEO Antidote is for anyone who uses the power of content strategy to be discovered.
SEO strategies should be at the heart of any SME, e-commerce website, blog sites, companies in a competitive market, and anyone else who wants to be found by potential clients. And you cannot do SEO with broken links damaging your website's reputation from behind.


SEO Audits

We helped all those websites improve their SEO for FREE.


Toxic Links Detected

About 10% of website links are toxic. The SEO Antidote detects them all.


Toxic Links Removed

We automatically removed over 50% of the toxic links detected.

What clients say about The SEO Antidote

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Test your website for toxic links


Feel free to contact us at or by phone at +34 928 989 001. We are happy to provide all the details you need.

Although backlinks are generally positive, certain links can get you into trouble. For example, backlinks from penalized, irrelevant, or low domain authority websites and backlinks with low traffic and engagement hurt your SEO efforts.

The SEO Antidote finds all the backlinks pointing to your website and marks those that generate no traffic. These links are useless at best and toxic at worst. We contact the owners of these links for you and ask them to remove them.

The SEO Antidote is a paid service, but it does come with a FREE website audit, allowing you to check your website for free.

Our algorithm first checks for human behavior and detects whether your backlinks receive any traffic. After that, it double-checks the results against other parameters, such as Domain Authority, Trust Flow, Domain Rank, and others. This double-checking ensures that your healthy backlinks stay intact and only the bad ones are removed.